Center for Lactation Equity
“The Center”

The NLCA Center for Lactation Equity Announces Two Scholarships for 2022!

To increase access to the IBCLC® credential for persons of color* with demonstrated financial need, we are accepting applications for two scholarships:

One Lactation Education Resources “Lactation Consultant Training Program Enriched (LCTP)” 95+ hour course valued at $1025
and One Lactation Education Resources “IBLCE Exam Review” general education course valued at $99

Each scholarship funds participation in the specified education program offered by Lactation Education Resources. Applicants will receive educational hours with the goal of qualifying for the IBCLC® certification exam offered by the IBLCE.

These educational scholarships are intended to increase access to the IBCLC® profession and to assist candidates to reach their professional goals.

Complete applications (defined as containing all supporting documentation) must be submitted by 12:00am on *NOVEMBER 15, 2022. Scholarship awards will be announced *December 15th.

Apply for our Scholarship

Thank you for exploring our Center for Lactation Equity page.

NLCA’s Center for Lactation Equity works to:

  • Increase access to and quantity of lactation consultants (IBCLC®) of color
  • Advance diversity in the visual imagery of IBCLCs to reflect the beauty and strength of all lactation consultants (IBCLC®) including LGBTQIA+, Indigenous, and BIPOC communities
  • Increase access and opportunities for professional clinical lactation consultants (IBCLC®) to persons with physical, mental, and neural diversity
  • Creating resources for healthcare providers who seek to deepen and strengthen their understanding of cultural humility
  • Above all else NLCA, as a whole, is an organization built on the foundation of anti-racism, anti- sexism and anti-bigotry and the Center for Lactation Equity will always operate with these foundational principles in mind.

Alicia C. Simpson MS, RD, IBCLC, LD
Chair, NLCA Lactation Equity Center

The mission of the NLCA Center for Lactation Equity is to advance health equity by increasing families’ access to clinical lactation consultant professionals (IBCLC®) in the United States and cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion within the IBCLC® profession.

Equity in the field of clinical lactation care by elimination of barriers to achieving the IBCLC® credential and availability for families to access culturally appropriate care from those in their communities.

Center for Lactation Equity:
Achieving our vision requires work to increase access to scholarships, resources, education, and mentors for candidates for the IBCLC® credential to receive the needed didactic and clinical training to develop their skills. We work towards the promotion of the credential in the marketplace, and empowering professionals who hold the IBCLC® credential to thrive and to achieve recognition for their clinical lactation care expertise on the health care team in hospitals, clinics and in a variety of community settings. We work towards strategies that will build an inclusive lactation community that understands, appreciates, and values equity, diversity, and cultural humility. 

Our goals include:

  • Construct a forum that promotes engagement in the essential work of improving health equity, diversity, and inclusion in the lactation community.
  • Remove barriers to access to the lactation consultant (IBCLC®) profession.
  • Increase community awareness for the need for lactation consultants (IBCLC®) from diverse populations.
  • Increase access to culturally appropriate care from lactation consultants (IBCLC®) representing their cultural community
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the number of mentors available for aspiring lactation consultants (IBCLC®) from diverse populations.
  • Increase awareness in the marketplace of the need for culturally appropriate clinical lactation care.
  • Promote development of training programs in institutions of higher education where students have access to financial aid and receive a degree on completion of their studies in clinical lactation care.
  • Promote consistent reimbursement by third party payers including Medicaid.

If you are interested in joining our Center, please visit our contact page to share your contact information and to express your interest. Thank you.