National Lactation Consultant Alliance

Our Values

We are Inclusive, Bold, Clinically competent Leaders who are Committed to the advancement of the holders of the IBCLC® credential.

Our Mission

To empower and advocate for the holders of the IBCLC® credential in the marketplace, in legislation and in policy.

Our Vision

Advancing health by ensuring access to lactation care by persons holding the IBCLC® credential.

Center for Lactation Equity
“The Center”

The Center for Lactation Equity (the Center) is the cornerstone of all the work we do here at NLCA. We remain in constant conversation with the communities in which we live and the lactation consultants we serve in an effort to achieve the Center’s inclusion and equity plans. As part of this conversation, we welcome feedback at any time to continue to grow this inclusive community.

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What Makes NLCA Unique?

  • We are lactation consultants working for lactation consultants and the breastfeeding families we serve.
  • We prioritize safety for breastfeeding families through advocacy, promotion and clarification of the role of the holders of the IBCLC® credential in providing professional clinical lactation care.
  • We work so that all breastfeeding families may equitably access clinical lactation care.

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Do families, employers and clinicians have difficulty distinguishing you from others in the lactation field?

Are you passionate about breastfeeding families receiving appropriate care and support to meet their needs?

Do you want to be valued within your workplace and your community?

Do you want to serve more families and grow your practice and influence?

Do you want an association working solely for you and the clinical care you offer breastfeeding families?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please join us. It’s free!  And, let’s move forward, together.

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Moving Forward

When you partner with NLCA, you join with diverse, collaborative, experienced
lactation consultants ready to make a difference.

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