Human milk is nature’s first food

Human milk is nature’s first food and is recommended as the exclusive diet during the first six months of life. 1 Breastfeeding, breastmilk, and the process of lactation have a profound effect on short and long term maternal and infant health outcomes. It is important to understand the relationship between lack of breastfeeding and diet-related diseases.

CMS Request for comments: CMS-1771-P

The reduction of maternal morbidity and mortality is a vital national health priority. However, suggested performance standards related to lactation care are missing from this call for comments regarding hospital inpatient prospective payment systems.

The US Infant Formula Shortage and the IBCLC®

The IBCLC® may receive questions from anxious parents, the media, and puzzled healthcare providers regarding infant feeding options during an infant formula shortage. As infant feeding experts, the IBCLC® can offer the following information.

Learn the Truth about the Ga Lawsuit

Why are so many celebrating? This lawsuit wasn’t about lactation or breastfeeding families. This lawsuit was not, and never was, about race or equity.

Position Statement of The National Lactation Consultant Alliance regarding the Georgia Lawsuit: Jackson v. Raffensperger, Civil Action File No. 2018CV306952

The National Lactation Consultant Alliance (NLCA) has become aware of the recent trial court opinion in the Georgia case, Jackson v. Raffensperger, Civil Action File No. 2018CV306952, granting summary judgement to Plaintiffs on one of their claims.  We await the decision of the Georgia Attorney General’s office regarding appeal.
This ruling places […]