This IBCLC(R) impact document can be downloaded and used in advocacy efforts with legislators, policy makers, hospitals, insurers, employers, healthcare systems, policies and by authors and researchers. It is intended to illustrate the importance and efficacy of the lactation consulting profession and the credential that represents the gold standard in clinical lactation care.

In its continuous efforts advocating for the IBCLC®, NLCA has issued this position paper on licensure. NLCA considers licensure of the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant integral to the provision of clinical lactation care to childbearing families. Licensure of qualified IBCLCs® facilitates clinical lactation care that is safe, affordable, risk appropriate, and equitable. The position paper explores the need for licensure, the benefits, the challenges, and includes 27 references. Advocates can use this document in their work advancing the IBCLC® profession, in securing reimbursement for clinical lactation care services, in efforts to improve families’ access to clinical lactation care, and to enhance access to the profession.

Lactation Consultant Advocacy in Action:
Making an Impact
National Lactation Consultant Alliance

Knowledge Briefs NLCA is pleased to introduce the first in a series of Knowledge Briefs. This Knowledge brief clarifies the various lactation personnel in the lactation field. The lactation field is replete with a bewildering array of personnel who fulfill various supportive or clinical roles, but their titles can be confusing to parents, policy makers, legislators, insurers, employers, hospitals, and the healthcare system. This document offers clarity of lactation personnel and is suitable for use in IBCLC(R) advocacy efforts.