About NLCA

We are current and former Board Members of ILCA®, USLCA, IBLCE®, HMBANA, Baby-Friendly USA and many state breastfeeding coalitions. We are current and former Editors of the journal Clinical Lactation and authors of numerous journal manuscripts and textbooks. We are attorneys, APNs, RNs, Dietitians, University Faculty Members and LLL leaders and we are all holders of IBCLC® certification.

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Marsha Walker


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Ellen Lechtenberg

Vice President

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Jennifer Jones


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Claire Eden


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Leah Aldridge

Board Member

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Sylvia Edwards

Board Member

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Teresa McCullen

Board Member

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Alicia Simpson

Board Member

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Jessica Altemara

Board Member

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Alisa Sanders

Board Member

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Olga Garcia Gomez

Board Member

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