The Center for Lactation Equity Announces Two Scholarships for 2024!

The Center works towards strategies that will build an inclusive lactation community that understands, appreciates, and values equity, diversity, and cultural humility. One of the methods through which the Center seeks to do this is through scholarship opportunities for IBCLC candidates who are part of populations that are under-represented in the clinical lactation care community. 

NLCA’s Center for Lactation Equity is proud to announce its 2024 Scholarship to increase access to the IBCLC® credential for persons of color living within the US with demonstrated financial need. The two scholarships are a combined total $1124 and are broken down as follows:

  • One (1) Lactation Education Resources “Lactation Consultant Training Program Enriched (LCTP)” 95+ hour course valued at $1025 
  • One (1) Lactation Education Resources “IBLCE Exam Review” general education course valued at $99 

Each scholarship funds participation in the specified education program offered by Lactation Education Resources. Applicants will receive educational hours with the goal of qualifying for the IBCLC® certification exam offered by the IBLCE. Applicants may apply for one or both scholarships; however, applicants will only be awarded one scholarship. 

Scholarship recipients will be expected to permit NLCA and the Center to recognize them publicly on our website and social media. Should the recipient not complete the educational hours for which the applicant received funding, NLCA will be fully and promptly reimbursed accordingly.


Complete applications (defined as containing all supporting documentation) must be submitted by 12:00am on July 15, 2024. Scholarship awards will be announced August 5th via direct contact and publicly on


We invite you to apply by completing the application linked to via the QR code or by visiting
Exam Review Scholarship Application
The 95+ Hours of Lactation Education Course

Please note that you must have the following supporting documents ready to upload at the time you complete your application:

  1. A letter of recommendation (one-page double spaced maximum) from a supervisor, instructor or IBCLC® colleague
  2. A short statement (300 words or less) outlining why you have chosen to be an IBCLC® and how this scholarship would impact you and the communities in which you currently serve (or hope to serve). 

Thank you for applying for and telling others about NLCA’s Center for Lactation Equity 2024 Scholarship and thank you to Lactation Education Resources for their generosity in providing these scholarships!

Questions? Please email!

*CLE uses terms as recommended by the Bias-Free Language Guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association.